Monday, May 14, 2012

Nightmares From An Alternate Universe

Roissy has a great post on why feminists don't want a male pill. Contained therein is this video, which I just had to share.

Feminists are defending their right to cuckold. If a man can choose whether to have sex, and not have children, or to have sex, and have children, the feminist can no longer saddle him with an unwanted child born of another man. There are other components to this, but I'm focusing on cuckoldry because it's the dark, moist underbelly of the feminist temnospondyl leviathan.

Consider an alternate universe, in which men fight in political arenas to prevent technologies that might help eliminate rape, such as pepper spray, or easily concealable firearms. Why, such a world* would look positively barbaric, dystopian, like something out of a cheesy '80s science fiction movie!

Indeed, it would.

*I urge you to read the whole story, from the beginning, as it's really quite good, like the vast majority of Yudkowsky's writings. If you must skip to the relevant bit, however, simply CTRL+F "rape" after clicking the link in the main body of this blog post.

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