Thursday, May 3, 2012

Myth as World

Describing a tiger to someone who has never seen or heard of a cat:

"They have these animals, large as the largest pony, and fierce as the fiercest bear. They will only be sated by living flesh, and will have nothing of greens or bread."

"So they are something like extremely carnivorous bears?"

"No, they are lithe and perfectly silent, able to sneak past a man without him ever knowing. Their very paws are like velvet, and each digit tipped with a deadly dromeosaur sickle-claw!"

"I see."

"But that's not all, their ears are sharp as the sharpest wolf's! Their hind legs, like an enormous hare's, able to launch their great body huge distances! Their fangs are long and wickedly sharp, like a vampire's!"

"This all sounds a bit far-fetched to me."

"And their eyes glow in the dark, and their coat is orange with black stripes!"

"OK, now I know it's bollocks..."

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