Friday, May 4, 2012


Just because they keep telling you that you live in Utopia, doesn't make it true.

This video, linked by Foseti via GLP, is like a The Onion skit for reactionaries.

"Two separate groups of young people, intent on creating mayhem, went on rampages over the weekend."

Nowhere in the entire video is it mentioned that every last perpetrator was black. The brilliance of this strategy is that if you don't mention the race of the perpetrators to your white viewers, they assume they were white, whereas black viewers don't think nigga moments are news.

"It's not the parents' fault! garbled ...Outside the place, you don't know your child all way up 69 street!"

I would be fascinated if you'd tell me exactly who's fault it is, then, ma'am.

"This could've exploded into somebody getting hurt [if someone had intervened]."

Well, you don't have to intervene to get hurt, obviously!

Too bad it actually happened.

So the next time you're at a gun store, checking out handguns for daily carry, and the guy behind the counter, trying to sell you a $1500 1911 quips "if you need more than 8 rounds, you're doing something wrong", reply "may I see a computer with internet access? I have something to show you..."


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