Sunday, June 24, 2012

Traditional Gender Roles

I laughed hard when I saw this.

I don't see anything wrong with stories of women who rise past their traditional gender roles to fulfill those of men, any more than I see anything wrong with stories of dragons or faeries.

But at least Mulan's tie-in marketing didn't insult itself.

The only thing funnier would be a The Hunger Games tie-in Katniss toddler dolly.

Pudding of Proof

The most revealing thing about Operation Fast & Furious is not that the Democrats are siding with their own (shocker!), or that the president may have been involved, but that we have a House of Representatives with a Republican majority and they can't do squat to touch the bureaucracy.

Who really rules the country?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Side of Cheese


We already know what her opinion is. She runs a video blog called Feminist Frequency.

Hilarious parody here.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Renaissance II

E-l-ctr-c B--g-l--

Did you read my post and think "well, yeah, every society has their loonies; that doesn't reflect thought that anyone in their right minds would take seriously!"?

Well, how about the BBC?

Lloyd, bless his Tory heart, has pointed out that an unnamed BBC show (which I suspect is The Real Hustle) has exposed a psychic, but, so as to avoid stepping on the toes of any delicate viewers, claimed that there were, in fact, very real psychics out there in the world, and so more is the crime, because these frauds were making them look bad!

Next up, Wiccan frauds, who charge for herbal healings. Those bastards! No real Wiccan healer would charge for their services!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Blog Title Is A Rape Joke

I think a point by point will be the best way to conquer this Everest.

"I just really hate it when men treat women like objects for their amusement."

Translation: I am jealous that high status men treat my hotter friends as objects, but not me.

"I'm just interested in feminism and saddened by rape culture and misogyny."

T: My hairy-armed lesbian friends would never forgive me if I admitted that I'm turned on when my boyfriend wrestles me into doggy style.

"1 in 4 women have been raped!"

It's true. 1 in 4 women have been raped. I remember this ratio proving more or less true in high school.

Of course, that's because the modern definition of "rape" includes shit like this. Got fucked with consent by an alpha, but have a motive to say otherwise? Rape! For example, I knew a girl in high school who'd been "almost raped". I asked her what happened, and it turned out she'd almost had sex with a guy, but chickened out at the last minute. I'm willing to bet that 99 of those hundred in four hundred women weren't raped in the "he jumped out of the bushes and tied me down" sense, but rather in the "I was drunk, and he stuck it in my ass" sense.

"Kind of like how it's unfair that I get catcalled on the street even when I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie."

Sometimes, they even hold doors open for me! Those bastards!

"[If] I'm ever assaulted, the guilty party will most likely go free."

Look on the bright side, if you ever cheat on your boyfriend, you always have the option to destroy a man's life instead of fessing up.

"It's not fair that I have to be terrified when I go jogging after 6PM or when I'm on the bus or going to get milk."

Yeah, and I should be able to go get burgers at 4AM in downtown Houston without fear. Life ain't perfect, kid. If you're really worried, get a Glock.

"That's rape culture when you tell me it's my responsibility not to get hurt! You take away the responsibility of a human being not to rape!"

Last time I checked, rape was illegal. It's also your responsibility to not walk in front of a train. Nevertheless, deliberately running someone over with a train is also illegal. Suggesting that you take steps to protect your own life does not imply that it's OK for someone else to do whatever they can to threaten it.

"Because it's really fucking exhausting trying to believe in a future where I'm not treated like a crazy person for believing in equality!"

You should try believing in inequality.

"Because feminists are still considered 'hysteric', 'lesbians', and 'in need of a good lay.'"

So... It's been a while, then? Tell me, does your boyfriend live in your state?

"Because girls have next to no decent role models in pop culture and are raised to hate their own bodies."

That's because they're fat. I guess Ripley wasn't good enough for you; you demand Whale Ripley.

"Because people like you tear me down in constant, ignorant ways by not even dignifying my opinions. (sic) with the mildest consideration."

Well, proper punctuation would help.

"Because you treat my interest in women's rights like a phase."

Man-chins are no phase, my dear.

"And you know what? I have had it with people who trivialize how fucking scary it is to be a girl by telling us that fighting for our rights is unattractive."

It's unattractive.

"I think it is hot as hell."

And you're not a man, so shut up.

"So fuck anyone who thinks they have the right to tell me not to care. Fuck them. I do care. I will always care."

"Great, honey, now turn over."

"I am done trying to please bullies."

T: I'm sad because alphas won't fuck me.