Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progressive History

The Renaissance is a lie.

The oft-repeated tale that the Dark Ages were suddenly and abruptly ended by the dissemination of printed works and increased independence is, like all Progressive dogma, hogwash.

In reality, the age saw a rise in superstition, symbology, and esoteric thinking. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

18th century, perhaps, suffered a different fate. While advances in rational thinking certainly did occur during "the Enlightenment", the notion of the period as a shining bastion of rationality was almost certainly contrived by rebel scum trying to hijack the accomplishments of far better men. Indeed, the levellers had almost nothing to do with the scientists of the era at best, and at worst, they ruthlessly persecuted them.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anatomy of a Revolution

What does a hypothetical American Revolution Part II: Electric Boogaloo look like?

Libertarians will happily offer up that it looks like bunch of libertarians in fatigues with American flag lapel pins reluctantly and yet eagerly taking up small arms against teh gubments. According to libertarian dogma, this in no way marks them for precision bombings, because they are Patriots, and F-15E pilots are also Patriots, and Patriots cannot hurt Patriots through the Law of Conservation of Patriotism. America.

In reality any American revolution is born of Americans; that is, leftists. Look then not to your militias and the totally-not-a-militia-group RWVA, but rather to the Occupy scourge. Wherever there is a heavy odor of cannabis, there you will find your revolutionaries.

The urge to revolt is a childish one. It is essentially analogous to a tantrum, thrown by a dissatisfied baby. Unless met with stern discipline, it only begets further tantrums of increasing violence until the child is left rolling on the floor, screaming, kicking, punching, and incessantly insisting that you're hurting me! Your humble author does not intend hyperbole; it is simply convenient to illustrate the motor of revolutions in this way. Another method, and the reader might be inclined to sympathize with the imps, and we can't have that, can we?

Thus a revolution is born when the unwashed masses are unsatisfied, for whatever reason, however large or small. Instead of meeting this public display of dissatisfaction with a swift slap on the rump, the authorities such as they are make baby talk, cooing about how "oh yessss, you are such a poowuh babeh, yuusssss you arrrreee." The protesters will simply meet this with as much confrontation as possible, until some local group of law enforcement is forced to defend themselves.

This eventuality will serve as proof of the injustices that the levellers have been yammering on about the entire time, and will allow them to riot with confidence that they'll have the sympathies of the elite.

This will soon erupt into an all-out Iraq style self-occupation, with troops eventually being called in to do nothing but get shot at by protesters-cum-insurgents. Naturally, whenever troops are ordered to fire against the insurgents, they will be heavily vilified, but this will be so infrequent as to be rendered insignificant.

Make no mistake about US troops: they are trained to obey orders, and thus will be as willing to fire upon American citizens as they would Iraqis or Afghans. It simply won't happen to a large enough degree to quell the revolution to any appreciable degree.

Eventually, enough civil servants will see a greater promise of power within the revolutionaries than within the current structure, and will "give up", in a ploy to solidify their places within the new regime.

Once power is handed over, the revolutionaries will seize all government assets, and renounce all debt. They will then swiftly go deep into debt of their own. All "tories" (those loyal to the previous government) will flee the country, and the assets they left behind will be seized. The rich that stayed behind will be "liberated" of their assets. Infrastructure will crumble, and never be rebuilt. Food shortages will become routine, with starvation deemed a "price of liberty."

Eventually, power will coalesce around certain figures of the revolution. This will result in extremely heavy-handed government, with current officeholders exercising gross amounts of power in an attempt to suppress sympathy with potential competitors. Eventually, something resembling a stable power structure will develop, and the new government, now the old government, will fall into a lazy, Breznevian state, only motivated by a desire to expand the power of its individual members.

Sound familiar?

Saturday, May 26, 2012


When your Dear Blogger was much younger, he used to be a libertarian.

Yes, the ammunition-stockpiling, Ron-Paul rally-attending, "FREEDOM!"-shouting type of libertarian.

We wore our American flag pins proudly, we saw ourselves marching in the footsteps of the Founders. With every step down Independence Avenue, we thought we could feel the approving gazes of Jefferson, Washington, and Madison (Adams was nobody's favorite).

We claimed we said "revolution" with "love". We claimed we were nothing but peaceful.

But there wasn't a one of us who didn't fantasize, deep down, that he would be the one standing, against all odds, in a rubble-strewn capitol, clutching Old Glory and an M1 Carbine.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Your humble blogger suggests you read the book The Count of Monte Cristo.

Among novels written in the 19th century, it is one of my all time favorites.

The greatly simplified 2002 movie is worth watching to get the jist of the novel, or if you want to reminisce about the book without spending the time to read it.

May all your vengeances be sweet.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Delusions of Mediocrity

This is a joke, right?

Barack, may I call you Barack? Barack, you couldn't be a conceited, self-centered, abusive dictator if you personally slaughtered your entire cabinet. Why are you trying to convince everyone that you're Kim Il-sung?

This is about as convincing as that time I took a White House tour, and they told the story about it being haunted, and then two Secret Service agents came out of the Oval Office covered in sheets shouting "booooo!!!"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gangbanging Amy

Being preoccupied with classic films such as The Bridge on the River Kwai, and Henry V, your Dear Blogger had never seen the film Chasing Amy.

And now he has.

Chasing Amy is one of those great films where the stated moral of the film diametrically opposes the taught moral of the film.

Oh, be quiet, it's not like I'm spoiling Citizen Kane.

In the film, Ben Affleck falls head-over-heels puppy-dog-in-love with a chain-smoking lesbian slut. Besides being a dyke who pontificates on how lesbians can too lose their virginity (hey, fists stretch vagoos even more than cocks, dontcha know), one of the major reveals in the film is that Alyssa D'Whore had sex with multiple men at once on multiple occasions in high school.

Ladies. If you had been dicked by two guys at once on multiple occasions by the time you graduated high school, you did not "experiment", it was not "a time in your life" or "a decision you made"...

Say it with me:

You. Were. A. Slut.

Maybe there's such a thing as a recovered slut. I've never met one.

This movie so perfectly frames what actually happens when a beta puppy dates a femslut that it's not even funny. From the oblivious infatuation, to the revulsion of Alyssa when Affleck confesses his undying love, to the unacknowledged righteous rage at discovering you were dating a slut, hurriedly disguised as "shock of inexperience", to the slut defense mechanism, it has it all.

...Including a monologue about how no, totally, she's The One, man, and you let her get away! How could you! To top it off, it's delivered by the writer and director, no less!

The film ends, revealing that Affleck has quit his job writing a ludicrously successful stoner comic to spend the next year writing an apology comic that no one will buy, the last page of which looks like this.

I'll give you a moment to wipe the vomit off your monitor.

He hands the comic over to Alyssa, who bins it as soon as he's gone, and then denies any romantic connection to him to her current saggytitted, lichfaced codyke.

The irony is that the only point any rational person would take away from this film is that discovering your chainsmoking, polyamorous, lesbian, twilight-of-her-prime girlfriend is a slut, should come as absolutely no surprise, and should be met with an emergency evacuation procedure, anti-mine countermeasures, and a tactical nuclear reprisal.

To Kevin Smith... Exactly what does "in love, put the individual ahead of their actions" mean, other than "make excuses for everything your slut girlfriend does"?

Nightmares From An Alternate Universe

Roissy has a great post on why feminists don't want a male pill. Contained therein is this video, which I just had to share.

Feminists are defending their right to cuckold. If a man can choose whether to have sex, and not have children, or to have sex, and have children, the feminist can no longer saddle him with an unwanted child born of another man. There are other components to this, but I'm focusing on cuckoldry because it's the dark, moist underbelly of the feminist temnospondyl leviathan.

Consider an alternate universe, in which men fight in political arenas to prevent technologies that might help eliminate rape, such as pepper spray, or easily concealable firearms. Why, such a world* would look positively barbaric, dystopian, like something out of a cheesy '80s science fiction movie!

Indeed, it would.

*I urge you to read the whole story, from the beginning, as it's really quite good, like the vast majority of Yudkowsky's writings. If you must skip to the relevant bit, however, simply CTRL+F "rape" after clicking the link in the main body of this blog post.



The reality, of course, is that black women, probably amongst all members of Progressive society, are the most entitled. They feel entitled to a man, so they don't keep themselves shapely, and they end up as an ethnic Stay-Puft mascot.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Black Snake's Dull Smoke

It is revealing that the American creation myth is so important to Progressives.

Similarly, it's important to the stunted subspecies Levellus neoconservatius, which is why you hear stupid shit like "weapons were widely outlawed in Europe until the early 1800s", which so far as I can tell, is more or less hogwash.

The title of this post is a reinterpretation of the National Anthem of The United States, substituting one of these for the rocket. Someone might get hurt!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

7 Blunders of The World

Too good not to share.

Living in these cities belies the tale that's told around the country; that the nation is thriving, the greatest that has ever been, and the great march forward continues.

The reality is that we're in the middle of the Slow Apocalypse, the only end no one saw coming.

Indistinguishable From Reality


(You know where I got it.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012


Just because they keep telling you that you live in Utopia, doesn't make it true.

This video, linked by Foseti via GLP, is like a The Onion skit for reactionaries.

"Two separate groups of young people, intent on creating mayhem, went on rampages over the weekend."

Nowhere in the entire video is it mentioned that every last perpetrator was black. The brilliance of this strategy is that if you don't mention the race of the perpetrators to your white viewers, they assume they were white, whereas black viewers don't think nigga moments are news.

"It's not the parents' fault! garbled ...Outside the place, you don't know your child all way up 69 street!"

I would be fascinated if you'd tell me exactly who's fault it is, then, ma'am.

"This could've exploded into somebody getting hurt [if someone had intervened]."

Well, you don't have to intervene to get hurt, obviously!

Too bad it actually happened.

So the next time you're at a gun store, checking out handguns for daily carry, and the guy behind the counter, trying to sell you a $1500 1911 quips "if you need more than 8 rounds, you're doing something wrong", reply "may I see a computer with internet access? I have something to show you..."


Appeal to Unreason

Oh noes! Science has proven that power really does corrupt absolutely! My whole blog is undone!

Err, actually, no. What the science underneath the soundbite-short sensationalist article is telling us is that dopamine levels rise when an individual comes into perceived power. Far from corrupting absolutely, these dopamine levels act as a reward for achieving power, in the same way that you get a dopamine reward for sex, exercise, or lactation. Why do humans get a dopamine reward for achieving power? Because the apes didn't were quickly sidelined/bred out/murdered by those who did.

Of course, cocaine and a number of other drugs work directly on the dopamine system, but that doesn't mean power = cocaine any more than breastfeeding = cocaine. In addition, you can't shoot up power, which is why many persons of considerable power and influence still use cocaine.

Even if power did equal cocaine, the jump from that to power corrupts absolutely requires you to believe the dogma about drugs being physical manifestations of Satan, laced with His very Evil. If you believe this drivel, why do you read my blog?

Just remember, kids, Alexander III of Macedon built a huge empire while high on power, and Frank Whittle designed the turbojet engine while high on methamphetamines.

I, of course, ripped this off of Roissy, who nominally justifies it, but appears to actually be making a point about how the current power elite is addicted to power (something that doesn't just happen, mind you) and can't be saved. He's wrong in several of the details, of course, but his overarching point seems valid.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Myth as World

Describing a tiger to someone who has never seen or heard of a cat:

"They have these animals, large as the largest pony, and fierce as the fiercest bear. They will only be sated by living flesh, and will have nothing of greens or bread."

"So they are something like extremely carnivorous bears?"

"No, they are lithe and perfectly silent, able to sneak past a man without him ever knowing. Their very paws are like velvet, and each digit tipped with a deadly dromeosaur sickle-claw!"

"I see."

"But that's not all, their ears are sharp as the sharpest wolf's! Their hind legs, like an enormous hare's, able to launch their great body huge distances! Their fangs are long and wickedly sharp, like a vampire's!"

"This all sounds a bit far-fetched to me."

"And their eyes glow in the dark, and their coat is orange with black stripes!"

"OK, now I know it's bollocks..."