Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thought of the day

The Progressive utopia is full of horrible, shallow, vicious people.

Perhaps the most common example of just how horrible they are is the recent phenomenon called, euphemistically, "raising awareness."

Tell me, what is raising awareness, but attention whoring? The awareness raisers will claim that all of the wristbands and t-shirts and general schwag that they sell (curious that they don't just give it away for free, considering their stated motives) are merely a tool in the service of a higher goal, that being some damned cause or another. They will say things like "well, if it saves only one child's life, it will all have been worth it."

Will it, now?

No, they're actually in the business of selling street cred, the streets being the acoustic guitar parties of SWPLs everywhere. After all, at certain times of the month, the ladies just can't help but fall for a guy who's sensitive enough to give $25 to save some poor African slave-child. The fact that this cred relies on ostensibly charitable actions to work is entirely incidental.

This gives me a very evil idea. Clearly, what I have to do is create one of these charities that relies on "raising awareness" and ostensibly saves little African children or whatever, but actually uses the money (in such a way that it looks entirely clean on the books) to kill/enslave as many helpless little African children as possible.

Invisible Children may have beaten me to the punch, though.

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