Monday, March 26, 2012

Children of Wilson

You're not supposed to say it out loud, guys.

But honestly, I sympathize. It's hard to identify with people of a different skin color, ethnicity, or culture. For those people who read in the same way that William Hung sings, it might well be shocking to find out that those pretty blonde girls running around in your head are actually dirty niglets!

Humans are biologically predisposed to discriminate on the basis of race and culture. The ancient ancestors of all people living had to outplay competing cultures. Of course we'd be genetically predisposed to look with a leering eye at those who are different.

What's remarkable about Progressivism isn't that it tries to erase this predisposition, it's that it doesn't. Ruling over a land formed from many cultures, ethnicities, and races, it does absolutely jack squat to try to get them to get along. Instead, increasingly encourages whites to flee from black neighborhoods, enacts policy that self-segregates races, and when a much anticipated film comes out, bitches about how there's too many damn niggers in it. Oh, sure, the rhetoric is full of fluffy declarations of racial equality, but since when has it been a good idea to trust Jonathon?

It's only natural that the Progressive press would attack these underlings of theirs. After all, what's the point of lying if you keep talking about how it's a lie?

Shhhh, you're not supposed to say it out loud!

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