Friday, March 9, 2012

March of the Progressive Strawmen

Oh, xkcd, I love you to death, but...

If you tried that shit on Roissy, you'd wake up in the morning with the hotel bill, wondering what happened. Or maybe not, since there are probably easier and hotter fish in the sea.

I like the sassy, totally unrealistic characters of xkcd, especially Black Hat Man and Havoc Girl, who are completely unrestrained by law or physical consequence in their epic quest to stay amused, which is why it chafes a bit to see them used so poorly as a sociopolitical mouthpiece for Randall.

I mean, yeah, they're your characters, sheesh, but does it seriously make any sense for Black Hat Man's girlfriend to be sticking up for the NORPs?

ED (2/23/2013): It's been a while since I've posted this, but it occurs to me that perhaps what Randall objects to is the notion of that sort of game working on American women. Reading Maverick, it sounds like a lot of the more advanced game techniques are specialty tools, used to crack open the extra-tough hides of American women and get to the meat inside. If you only date American women (perhaps because you are a masochist, or have had the poor fortune to be born in America), then negs and the like are just standard tools, and perhaps it never occurred to you that you shouldn't need a welding torch to get through the front door. So Randall might not be actually be sticking up for the feminists here, but a student of game as taught 30 years ago.

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