Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trayvon Martin, Trivan Matted, Trivial Meathead

Ahura Mazda, haven't you read enough about Trayvon Martin? You haven't? Fuck you.

Honestly I don't care. But I've done the math, and the more content my blog has, the more pussy I'll get. So, uh, I guess for that sake, I'll comment on this Trayvon Martin business.

OK, first, neighborhood watch leaders don't just whip out guns and start shooting people.

Second, George Zimmerman has been an idiot who's endangered himself and his family.

I am absolutely, positively convinced that Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense... At least within that moment.

I am also convinced that Zimmerman was out looking for trouble. Now, of course, I don't mean that he was out to commit a crime or anything, but rather that shooting Trayvon was exactly what he'd always wanted. When fools take positions of responsibility, they always daydream about that position bringing them glory. "Someday, I'm going to stop that evildoer, and then everyone will love me." "Someday, I'm going to sacrifice myself to save a little girl from being run over by a bus, and then everyone will love me."

I've been there, done that. I've been almost as much of an idiot as George Zimmerman has been.

It does not mean that Trayvon wasn't an evildoer. It does not mean Zimmerman didn't shoot to save his own life. It does not mean anything, except that Zimmerman is an idiot.

Maybe if we lived in a society that was a little less Mad Max-esque, we could patrol our neighborhoods and stop crime where it starts. But pull that shit in this day and age, and you take a very serious risk.

Let some lady's jewelry get robbed. Protect yourself. Don't go looking for trouble where you know it'll find you.

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  1. Turns out when aggressive idiot meets violent moron, someone's going to get hurt. Usually both. Sometimes one gets it worse.

    What I learned from Zimmerman: if I ever have cause to dial 911, demur on mentioning the race of the perps. If it is bright outside, change the subject. If dark or other excuse presents itself, use that. Unless absolutely necessary to mention the race because I need a description for something.