Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reblag II: Revenge of The Reblag

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You know, it's common for Americans to think that Soviet citizens lived in perpetual fear of their government, constantly worried about whether their briefest word, their subtlest misstep, could cost them their freedom or even their lives.

I'm beginning to become convinced that this was not in fact the case, except for a few, who subsequently defected to the US and told us all about it. After all, I don't live in constant fear that I'll say something to a gay student and face ten years imprisonment for it.

Soviet citizens were probably just as, or nearly as content as Americans, they probably had similar levels of pride and pessimism in their country, and they probably, by and large, saw their government as maybe a bit clumsy or incompetent, but overall doing the best job that could be reasonably expected of it. Because, frankly, the US government does the same shit.

Right, and what's worse is that they're not even using the free labor to do anything meaningful!

The reason monogamy is socially and legally enforced in the modern world is Christianity, because that religion is stupid.

In the paper the authors note that laws against polygamy came to Japan in 1880,
Oh, gee, what happened around about that same time? Afterward, the Japanese did so desperately want to emulate the Puritan Americans, with their fancy uniforms and brass cannons.

One might as well say:

"In the paper the authors note that laws against fascism came to Germany in 1945"

I always find it somewhat puzzling that reactionary bloggers lament the sociomarital system of the 1960s and past, but then seek to reinstate the system from the '50s? Why not, say, copy the system of the Mongol Empire, or something?

If a woman proposes to you, refuse.

There's a lot wrong with this. I like deconstructing things by line-item. Let's go:

-If you think, as an acolyte of the Dark Side, that you're a conservative, ur doin it wrong. Conservatives are a joke for a reason. Just because you reject the current system, does not mean you should associate yourself with those clowns politically.

-Why do we care what conservatives think of us? We care what liberals think because they hold power. Conservatives do not. If you're not going to go about reaction pragmatically, then what are you doing here?

-Yes, liberals hate you, that's the point (well, besides being right). But just because they hate you doesn't mean you can't make them secretly want to bed you. All hominids are attracted to power. Become a local source of power, and they may resent you, but they will secretly want you to plow their asshole.

-Be humble? You ain't gonna get any ass that way, buddy. Listen, just because you know you don't know everything doesn't mean you have to cut your dick off.

-Pretty sure I can tell that bonald is a Christian just by the way he talks. Why would you be a Christian these days? If you want to ally yourself with a powerful tribe, just become a liberal. This "I know nothing" claptrap was horseshit when it was popular, and it sure as hell hasn't aged gracefully. Buddy, your God ain't gonna judge you for using the faculties you're given. You can know some things. It's OK, go ahead.

-Honestly, since becoming a reactionary, I haven't ever had the problem of feeling insulted or shamed for my beliefs. I have nothing at stake in the Great Sham. I care not how politics shakes out, who gets elected, what horseshit law gets passed. My faction, if I can be said to have a faction, is apolitical, so that means that we care insofar as it affects us directly, and nothing more. Let the temple burn to the ground, I don't live there! If you can't read the prole rags without getting emotionally hurt, I would suggest to you a different line of work than being a Sith.

-Hahahah. "The atheist Left". You know, the Protestants loved to claim that the Catholics were heathens, too.

Was going to eventually do a post on this, but Detox beat me to it.

Saves me some work.

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