Friday, April 27, 2012

Shluuurrrrp mphffff uochhck uochhck uochhck

The Great Fellatio continues.

Money quote from the embedded video:
"They obviously don't know anyone with Down's Syndrome, because they think things about them, saying they're stupid or something. They definitely wouldn't do it if they knew Heidi, she's so intelligent and everything."
Yes, I'm sure your little retard is just months away from formulating a unified field theory.

This reminds me of another ridiculous episode of reality denial:
"Today, as I type this, Faith is 10 weeks old (+ 1 day) and thriving! She is totally conscious and is as responsive as any "normal" baby. She is very sensitive to touch (especially when it's cold!) and can definitely hear. She smiles, coos, cries, and is a feisty little girl ;) She knows what she likes and dislikes and she'll let you know - she has her own little personality that we just can't get enough of. We have been shocked by her development...from day 1 she was smiling and saying baby words ("boo" "gee" "happen"... yeah). She could lift her own head from birth and when she sat up on her own at 5 days old, needless to say, we were amazed :)"
 Less than a month later, her baby would die from an acute case of not having a forebrain.

Am I a heartless bastard for posting this? No. Those who murder reality with an icepick are.

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