Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shattering Windows and Generally Busting Up The Place

This image, by Mark Witton, has become one of my favorite pieces of paleoart. Why? It presents a scene with two elements entirely contradictory to popular zoological dogma: A feathered herbivorous ornithiscian dinosaur eating a tyrannosauroid.


By now you know that I think it's highly likely that all ceolurosaurs were feathered, and the first protofeathered ancestor may have been as far back as the dawn of dinosaurs themselves. Yet, the view is still very unpopular.

What probably comes as a major surprise is the fact that the Styracosaurus is munching on a theropod dinosaur. You probably don't know is that's a fairly common pastime for herbivores.* Turns out, obligate herbivores are pretty rare.

*But don't think that therapods are past getting even.

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