Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I hear this all the time from my father. Usually the conversation goes something like:

"Father, the Jedi are evil!"

"Rubbish. Winston Churchill once told me that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others! Would Winston Churchill lie to me?"


"Well, democracies don't tend to go to war with one another. How does your mysterious Sith Master explain that?"

"The democracies that do not go to war with one another are all US client states, kept in line by the State Department. They don't have any meaningful independence, and so they do not typically engage in war. Of course, this more or less only goes for the official client states. The unofficial ones can go to war as much as they like. It is, of course, convenient for the US to claim that any nation it goes to war with is not a democracy."

"We prefer to call them allies."

"Whatever helps them sleep at night."

"And anyway, that's hogwash. France, for instance, isn't a client state of ours."


*unearthly screech from the space slug inside my father's brain*

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