Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let Us Pray

It is the moral duty of every Progressive to preach his Good Word. Progressives greet each other with a parry of dogma, each seeking to out-moralize the other.

The power of the clergy flows southward to the dregs on the wings of Universalism, emboldening false prophets in every corner of the empire. "Doom!" their signs say. Doom, of course, for you. Everyone is the elect in their own sermons.

Orwell's doublespeak was secular; Universalism's is holy. "Submit!" became "repent!", "thievery" morphed into "community", and, of course, "chaos" metastasized into "freedom".

Fencing with such metaphorical phalluses requires the restraint of the monster of reason. Put to the wayside those thoughts that beget prosperity, they will not help you here! Only the most ruthless, vile, slippery thoughts will survive. The chameleonic ones that resemble sweet honeysuckle until it is too late.

To the Great Death God, you must submit! With your submission he will grant you the darkest of powers. Worship the Man-Jesus, the most base god, who loves evil and works in death! Worship the Good Man, that the word be forever corrupted and true Good smoten as Evil!

Once Satan guided you on your path; now you have strayed. Is it any wonder that he vexes you?

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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