Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The stains on her white armor simply won't buff out

How many deaths is USG responsible for?

One of the great successes of US propaganda is the widespread myth that the United States and its close allies were the good guys, because Hitler killed people and they didn't.

One may point out that Stalin killed loads of people, but they will often be met with arguments that we had to side with the lesser of two evils to defeat the greater, never mind that Stalin's crimes were greater than Hitler's, and Hitler's were largely unknown (and uncommitted) at the time war was declared. Hmm.

Some reactionary elements have argued that the USG should be held partially accountable for the crimes of the Soviet regime, as it was to a large degree an enabler. This is a very grey area, but the most interesting part of the issue is that USG herself is responsible for untold mass murder and other heinous crimes, all of which is strictly ignored by official history.

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