Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Children's Crusade

Who would deny that this man is a great latter-day American patriot? He is standing up for your rights, and indeed has suffered incarceration that eventually will lead to a further proliferation liberty in the nation!

Well, that's the rosy picture that some would paint. What's the reality? Can anyone really say? Yes, I think I can.

C. J. Grisham has a history of... Embellishment. Some of his best comrades, I think, would be very upset with him over this. Then, is he crusading for us, or his own ego?


Does this man handle himself like someone who earned a Bronze Star? No, of course not, because he didn't. He is a fat child who's lollipop has been taken away. Waaaaugh, give me back my tactical carbine!

"I carry a rifle any time I walk around because there are feral hogs and cougars and things like that.”

Really? I'm not unfamiliar with the area around Temple, Texas, and far from it being so infested with hogs and cougars that you have to carry around rifles everywhere you go, it's remarkable if you see an armadillo. If I were an officer in the area, and I saw someone carrying an AR-15, I, too, would be a little suspicious.

What was he thinking when he unnecessarily clipped his rifle and camera to his completely inappropriate backpack as they set out that morning? Is it possible that he just felt more badass carrying a rifle, and he knew he might get into trouble, and he wanted to make sure the cameras were rolling when it inevitably happened? More than possible, I think. What was it he was discharged for? Oh yeah, mental problems.

Should we give assclowns like him attention? Yes, so long as it is mockery. Social martyrdom is what he wants (I'd be surprised if he wanted actual martyrdom, seeing as how he's a coward), but I doubt he prepared for being called out as the child he really is.

Andrew Tuohy has a less scalding take on the incident over on his blog. I owe him for the link to Grisham's inflated claims about his service.

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