Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something new on Return of Kings

Return of Kings is made up of three basic kinds of content: Horseshit, shit that we've heard before, and shit Roosh says.

There's now a fourth category.

Now, The Harem, The Tribe, And The Pride, isn't perfect (for starters, I really don't think the "A" in "And" should be capitalized), but it grabs a hold of an important idea.

Personally, I think he missed one: The Others. Others are pretty much all enemies until proven friends. In some parts of this country, it's difficult to imagine that such human enemies still exist, but they absolutely do, and I'm not just talking about thugs with knives who want the contents of your wallet.

One could argue that you might split The Others into The Others and The Enemy, but this is more a distinction in how well you know all these Others than anything else.

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