Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh, well when you explain it like that...

It still makes no sense.

But that's OK, when you have the pulpit, and what you're saying makes the congregation feel good.

My favorite bit was that he fails to explain how blacks having a month makes any of these problems - real or imagined - any better. The connection between suffering injustice and getting a month in your honor is assumed to be understood.

My second-favorite bit was the underlying implication throughout the video that these problems are "left over" from slavery/Jim Crow. This is a bit confusing, because old timers that I've talked to are of the virtually unanimous opinion that blacks have gotten steadily less civilized since the thirties, which would mean we don't look twice at the shifty black guy in the mall because he's descended from slaves... His race earned that prejudice sometime during and/or after the Civil Rights movement. Huh that doesn't sound like what Colonel Swipple was trying to say in his video...

Well, you know, all those old farts are enemies of the Revolution, anyway.

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