Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Carousel of Laughing Crocodiles

It all started with this video. A near-perfect example of crocodile humor, the only people who laughed at it were liberals, specifically gay marriage advocates. Conservatives felt some part of them that they don't want to admit exists burst into tears, while maintaining that it was not funny. I really didn't give a fuck, and thought it was unfunny.

Men, who naturally have a much better sense of humor than either gay men or women (who do you think wrote the script?), responded with this video. It is actually funny, because it's not crocodile humor.

Naturally, this begot a series of other videos, including two videos where women threaten "we would so marry our gay friend!" It's funny; if they thought they were such good potential husbands, you'd think it would be common practice.

The first video in that second string is especially unfunny and out-of-place. Lesbians, despite the handpicked selection in the video, are usually quite ugly. I don't know how the causality works, exactly, but I've met a number of lesbians in my time, and I wouldn't have dated any of them. A hot lesbian is pretty rare. The unfunny goes beyond that, however. Why do these videos assume that men give a damn about marriage? Sure, some do; they're called betas, and they live to provide supplicating commitment to women, but the probably vote Democrat anyway. Your typical, little-m misogynist Republican voting asshole (hi Roissy!) doesn't give a rat's ass for marriage. If some lucky gay man happened to pick up his woman of the hour, he'd just go elsewhere. No big deal.

That's why the second video is funny. Good comedy, not crocodile humor, is built on exaggerating and emphasizing reality. If your dogma runs counter to that, you'll have a very hard time generating genuine laughs, and you'll settle for crocodile humor.

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