Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speaking isn't one of the great Sith powers

Moldbug does not do a very good job speaking. My mentor in evil he may be, but it pains me to see him make the mistake of speaking in public twice, without remedy. At least this time, he did not submit himself to the jaws of the vicious Progressive torture machine - debate.

He simply isn't a convincing orator. His speech is wandering, beset heavily by the Um, the dreaded highwayman, who robs it of pacing and fire.

My advice to Lord Moldbug is to get himself a few speaking classes, or to use writing as his only medium from now on.

H/T Foseti.


  1. Speaking is important, it's how normal humans communicate. I don't think we should run away from it, even if we're not very good at it. Even Sith apprentices should take opportunities to practice the art -- it feels a lot easier once you've done it a few times, even if you don't necessarily get much better.

    Before succumbing to the dark side, I was a member of LPUK. The party actually got an interview spot on national television -- whereupon the then leader, a highly persuasive and charismatic conversationalist over a pub table, was catastrophically taken apart by Andrew Neil.

    At some point in the future, our movement has to make itself relevant to the outside world. Experience of speaking to meetings and to the public, and of hostile questioning, is essential.

  2. I wasn't suggesting that anyone who thinks along the same lines as Moldbug should avoid speaking, just that Moldbug himself is not very good at it.

    However, you should avoid debates. Debates are really Progressive traps to make you look bad.