Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quotes from a German friend

"The problem with [people from the Rottweil district] is that they are lazy... and greedy."

"The college-age girls in Berlin, they are so hungry!"

"We Germans do not go out of our way to speak to other Germans when we are outside of Germany. We just don't want to deal with them. It is our way."

"Ah, yes, the Berlin Wall. Except when I was young it was called the Anti-Fascist Protection Wall."

"No, I will not get my picture taken with you there. It seems like, what is that word? Ah, yes, blackmail."

"Why on earth didn't you learn Spanish?"

"I try to avoid doing business with [any company in the entire Rottweil district zip code]. They are always slow and lazy."

"Back home they keep asking me to bring back some American beer as a souvenir like Coors or something... I don't know why? Do they want to drink that stuff or something?"

"Oh! Cheapy guns!"

Hat tip to neutrino_cannon for compiling the list of quotes by our German friend, though I was there in person for all of them.

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