Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Choice for King

What good is theorizing about a monarchy without having someone in mind for the top spot? Not very good at all. Naturally, one of the first things I did when I turned to the Dark Side is begin looking for the next King.

Probably my prime choice is this fellow.

Meet EG IdrA, StarCraft player extraordinaire.


I do not jest, a professional StarCraft player is my top choice for King. Why?

EG IdrA is known through the StarCraft circuit as "the one good foreigner (non-Korean)". He was offered a scholarship to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but refused, instead opting to continue his professional gaming career. To me, this is a demonstration of good decision making, college being basically a trap for intellectuals. Having watched a few of his matches, IdrA consistently plays for the long term, very rarely doing all-in strategies that sacrifice the long term game in hopes for a quick win.

In addition, IdrA has virtually no tolerance for idiots, a common affliction among the modern class of competent intellectuals. I am quite sure that with little persuasion, IdrA would accept the mantle of power with few qualms, and with little risk of "ruler's remorse". Unlike most other candidates for the position, EG IdrA would be unlikely to cave under leveling pressure to return the country to a more democratic system.

IdrA has good knowledge of strategy, and would need little retraining to be a competent military commander. Were those commands at all desirable today, I have little doubt that IdrA would be a rising star. It is indeed a piercing critique of today's society that such a fit individual spends his time playing a video game instead of conquering the barbarians.

As you can clearly see in the first link, IdrA is an alpha, though by my estimate, likely was once very beta. Control is the name of his game, though, and he has long since shed the trappings of the basement beta for the cool, silent swagger of the confident master. Perhaps he does have more work to do, but his progress has been impressive.

Lastly, IdrA is young, and thus, were he crowned today, would have many years with which to work on fixing the extensive damage that democracy and equality have wrought. On the con side, IdrA's prime proficiency is with a game of no consequence, and he, to my knowledge, has not yet donned the black cloak of the Sith. However, I feel that his advantages, especially his potential resistance to leveling influence, greatly outweigh those disadvantages.

IdrA for Emperor-God 2012.

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