Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That about sums it up

My position is basically this: Communism is bad, the civil war was bad, progressivism is bad, feminism is bad, WWII was bad, the civil rights movement was bad, decolonization was bad, the American revolution was bad, democracy is bad, equality is bad, Woodrow Wilson was evil, FDR was evil, Kennedy was evil, Nelson Mandela was evil, Mother Theresa was evil, Lincoln was evil, monarchies are good, empires are good, public hangings are good, class systems are good, the Inquisition was probably good, slavery is good, American slavery in the South was good, King Louis XIV was good, Peter the Great was good, Kaiser Wilhelm was good, King Charles was good, King George III was good, Ghengis Khan was okay, King Xerxes I was good, and Hitler was bad.

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